Cheap Calls to: Nigeria (+234) Starting 9.48¢/min

Calling Plans to Nigeria

Nigeria - 20 mins * Valid for 7 days
$0.0995/min Instead of $0.12/min

$1.99 (21% Benefit)

Nigeria - 60 mins * Valid for 15 days
$0.0998/min Instead of $0.12/min

$5.99 (21% Benefit)

Nigeria - 175 mins * Valid for 30 days
$0.0857/min Instead of $0.12/min

$14.99 (41% Benefit)

Standard quality at super cheap rates. Caller ID not supported. How to use? Dial with "000" prefix. Ex: 000234987654321

There are no Standard Calling Plan available for Nigeria.


Rinboo offers two different service levels that best fits your needs:

Premium Service Premium & Crystal-Clear voice quality calls, with Caller ID support, at super competitive rates.
Standard Service Standard call quality at super cheap rates (Caller ID not supported).
Premium Standard
Premium Call Quality (100% Guaranteed)
Caller ID Support
How to use? Dial with regular "00" prefix
Example: 00234987654321
Standard Call Quality
No Caller ID
How to use? Dial with "000" prefix
Example: 000234987654321
With both service levels Rinboo ensures:
  • No connection fees
  • No VAT or taxes fees
  • No sign-up or monthly fees
  • No hidden fees, or extra charges
  • No limitations on purchase amounts
  • In-app balance recharge
  • 24/7 world-class live customer support
  • Best rates in the whole market at best service levels

Pay As You Go (PAYG) to Nigeria

Country (Destination) Rate/min (USD)
Standard Premium


0.0948 $0.0948 0.1200 $0.12
Country Mobile Network Rate/SMS (USD)


Mobile-Airtel 0.1229 $0.1229


Mobile-Etisalat 0.1229 $0.1229


Mobile-Globacom 0.1229 $0.1229


Mobile-MTN 0.1229 $0.1229


Mobile-Others 0.1229 $0.1229


Mobile-Smile 0.1229 $0.1229


Mobile-Visafone 0.1229 $0.1229
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