Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions, including the Privacy Policy referenced herein (collectively, this "Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Website and the Services. "You" and "your" mean the customer of the Services defined below, and "IMC Telecom Inc.," "we," "our," and "us" mean IMC Telecom Inc., a Delaware Corporation with offices located at 14255 US HIGHWAY One, SUITE 222, Juno Beach – Florida, 33408. Your enrollment in, use of or payment for the Services, confirms your unconditional acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and IMC Telecom Inc.'s Privacy Policy available at the Website. If you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement, you may not use the Services.

This Agreement may change. We may modify or amend this Agreement, including the referenced Privacy Policy, from time to time. Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, all such modifications or amendments shall be effective immediately upon posting on the Website. Your continued use of your account and/or the services after the posting on the website will be conclusively deemed to be acceptance by you of any such modifications or amendments.

The Services are not designed for the transmission of emergency calls, such as calls to 911 and other emergency numbers. You, or any person using your Account, are responsible for dialing the relevant emergency number directly from your phone line not using our Services.

A. Acceptance of Terms

You agree to be bound by the Terms of Service if you: (i) Sign Up for a Rinboo account on the website http://www.rinboo.com or on our Rinboo applications, and tick the Terms and Conditions Checkbox in the sign up form; (ii) download an IMC Telecom Inc. application to your mobile device (an "App"); or (iii) use IMC Telecom Inc.'s services, as further described below (the "Services").

IMC Telecom Inc. may without notice renew, modify or amend the Terms of Service from time to time. If you continue to use the Services you accept such revisions.

B. Sign-Up and Use of Services

IMC Telecom Inc.'s internet communication branded software application "Rinboo", and associated documentation (whether in printed or electronic form) including any improvements, modifications, enhancements, fixes, updates, upgrades and future versions thereto ("Updates") and whether made available for free or for a fee, (collectively the "Software") are licensed (not sold) to you by IMC Telecom Inc.

Any additional products or features of the IMC Telecom Inc. Software or Rinboo Software, or other "IMC Telecom Inc." or "Rinboo" branded products, that you pay for (including products or features available for free on a trial basis only) ("Paid for Products") are provided to you by IMC Telecom Inc.

IMC Telecom Inc.'s websites http://www.rinboo.com (as applicable) ("Website") are operated by IMC Telecom Inc.

1. Opening an account

You may only register your own private telephone number or Rinboo ID (username) to use the Services (e.g., public, hotel, hostel numbers are not permissible). You will be solely liable for all charges resulting from your registration of any telephone number.

Once you have been accepted as an IMC Telecom Inc. customer, we will send you an e-mail message that confirms that you have become an IMC Telecom Inc. customer and provides you with information concerning your Rinboo account (your "Account"). The e-mail will also provide you with your Account login credentials. Your unique Rinboo Account, which is either your personal phone number or your Rinboo ID (username). In addition, to useful links to check the different products and services, and the customer support center links and contacts. You acknowledge and agree that (i) the information you provide to us regarding your Account opening and any subsequent changes shall be complete, correct and true (ii) you shall promptly notify us of any change to such information, either by updating your Account directly, or by notifying us by e-mail sent to support@rinboo.com

2. License

Subject to the conditions of this Agreement, we grant you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, and non-transferable license to use the Services subject to the terms of and for the duration of this Agreement.

3. Confidentiality of Account Information

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and access details, and you agree to pay for the Services charged to your account, whether or not you have authorized such use. We shall not be held responsible for fraudulent charges that result from theft or fraudulent use of your credit/debit/charge card or access details. If you believe that your Account and/or access details is being used in an unauthorized manner, you must contact us immediately so that the appropriate modifications can be made to your Account. Please be aware that your Account information will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered on the application when you applied to become an IMC Telecom Inc. customer. You are responsible for maintaining a current, operational and secure e-mail address and for promptly reading e-mail from us so that we can notify you of updates to the Services and provide information concerning your Account. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to you or losses incurred by you if others obtain access to your email account and obtain your Account information or other personal information.

4. Unauthorized Use of Phone

If a phone you use to access the Services is lost or stolen, or if it is being used to access your Account or the Services without your permission, you are required to notify us immediately. You are responsible for all charges to your Account until we are able to suspend the Services.

5. Access Numbers and Your Own Phone Charges

We are not responsible for any charges you incur in using your phone to access the Services, including charges billed to you by your mobile phone or other communications provider, and we will not reimburse you for any such charges. Charges we are not responsible for include but are not limited to, toll charges in connecting to the relevant IMC Telecom Inc. local number or other access number, charges from your mobile or other phone provider for per-minute charges and any roaming fees that may apply from your mobile phone provider.

You acknowledge that IMC Telecom Inc.'s local numbers and access numbers are the property of IMC Telecom Inc. and may not be ported out.

6. Customer Service and Support

If you have questions, concerns or complaints about the Services, you may send an e-mail to our Customer Support department at support@rinboo.com or contact our online support agents on live chat. Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

C. Charges and Payment

1. Rating of Calls

All rates listed on the Website are per minute rates. Charges for telephone calls are measured in whole minutes. All calls which are fractions of a minute are rounded up to the next whole minute (e.g., a call which lasts 2 minutes, 36 seconds will be charged as a 3 minute call). Timing on calls begins when the call is answered by the called party, including a voicemail or automatic reply. Timing terminates on calls when the calling party hangs up or IMC Telecom Inc.'s network receives an "on-hook" signal from the terminating carrier. We may change the billing period or billing increment from time to time by posting any such change on the Website. All changes that are required by law or a governmental authority shall be effective immediately.

2. Rating of Text Messages

All rates listed on the Website are per text rates. If you send a text message longer than 160 characters it will be sent, billed and charged as multiple text messages no longer than 160 characters and you will be charged for each text message generated. The international SMS network is built on the "best effort" principle. This means that delivery of messages cannot be guaranteed and we do not refund credits for unsuccessful messages.
We may change the single message size from time to time by posting any such change on the Website. Your wireless carrier's normal messaging and data rates may apply and are your sole responsibility. All changes that are required by law or a governmental authority shall be effective immediately.

3. Rate Changes

Kindly note that, due to telecom market change, we may be modifying our Services’ rates and charges; where we may also offer or cease offering special promotions without prior notice.

4. Payment

You agree to pay us for the Services at the rates and charges listed in our Rinboo Website (http://www.rinboo.com). It is your responsibility to reflect on the mentioned website, of any changes to your credit, debit, charge card or other payment information, including the expiration date. If for any reason your credit balance becomes negative, you hereby authorize us to charge the negative balance to any credit card on file with your Rinboo without any additional confirmation. Please note that we reserve the right to retain any credit, debit, charge card or other payment information you provide to us and to charge outstanding amounts to any such card or account so long as your Account remains active and for a reasonable period thereafter. If the charge to your credit, debit, charge or other account is not accepted (e.g. the card is no longer valid or you have instructed the credit/debit/charge card company to block, reject or refuse to pay such charge) for any reason other than your disputing in good faith the validity of Services charges, we may charge you an additional fee of $20 per transaction as well as a late fee of 1.5% per month, which we will apply to that period's unpaid balance and any outstanding amounts that remain unpaid at the time of the next bill. If the local law where you receive the Services requires a different fee or rate, we will charge that fee or apply that rate.

5. Billing Disputes

You are responsible for reviewing your monthly statements or billing information, as the case may be. You must notify us by e-mail (support@rinboo.com) of any disputed charges within thirty (30) days of the charge being posted to your Account. To the extent we determine that a billing adjustment is warranted, we will credit your Account accordingly. If you fail to notify us of a billing dispute as noted above, you hereby waive all rights to bring any claim regarding the particular charge.

D. Suspension and Cancellation of Services

1. Cancellation

You may discontinue using the Services at any time by notifying us by e-mail support@rinboo.com. We will deactivate your Account as soon as practicable; in all cases, you will remain responsible for payment of all charges for Services rendered up through such termination.

2. Expiration Policy

Please be aware that, an unverified Account, which means whose phone number is not verified, will be released after 72 hours, whereas in such case, another customer can try to register through it.

Moreover, we may, in our sole discretion, elect to terminate your Account after two (2) months of inactivity; where inactivity means the following conditions:

  • You have a balance on your account and you are not making calls since two (2) months
  • You are not performing any single activity since two (2) months
  • You have a non-expired calling plan & there are still remaining minutes in your plan but you're not making calls since two (2) months
  • You have a zero balance, didn't make any purchase, but also are not using your account to refer your friends (i.e. there is no activities on the website since two (2) months)
If you desire to keep your Account active, you may request an extension of the expiration period by notifying us by e-mail support@rinboo.com. Upon receipt of your request, we may, at our sole discretion, provide you with an extension of the expiration date of your Account and your password. All extensions will be confirmed by us via e-mail. Please note that we are not obligated to provide you with such an extension nor are we obligated to refund any remaining balance left in your prepaid Services Account as of the date it expires.

3. Unlawful, Fraudulent and Objectionable Use

You will not use the Services for any unlawful, abusive or fraudulent purpose, including, for example, using the Services in a way that (1) interferes with our ability to provide Services to you or other customers; (2) abuses any bonus or promotional program; or (3) avoids your obligation to pay for the Services. You will not in any way submit any materials to IMC Telecom Inc. or otherwise take any action that would, in IMC Telecom Inc.'s sole determination, interfere with the Services or other IMC Telecom Inc. customers, infringe the rights of any third party, or otherwise constitute objectionable conduct. If we have reason to believe that you or someone else using your Account is abusing the Services or any of our bonus or promotional programs or otherwise breaching this Agreement, we may immediately suspend, restrict, or cancel your Account and your ability to use the Services without notice. In addition, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion and for any reason, to (a) suspend, restrict, modify or terminate your Account and your access to and use of the Services and/or (b) refuse to allow you to recharge your prepaid Services Account.

4. Other

We may from time to time discontinue or modify certain Services or bonus or promotional programs without notice.

5. Outstanding Charges

If your Account is suspended, restricted, or cancelled, you are still responsible for any charges that accrue through the date that we fully process the suspension, restriction or cancellation. Subject to applicable law, you must reimburse us for any reasonable costs we incur, including attorneys' fees, to collect charges owed to us or to defend ourselves. If we elect to reactivate your Account and your ability to use the Services, we may require that you prepay or pay a deposit and/or service restoration fee.

E. Indemnification, Limitation of Liability and Warranties

1. Indemnity

You agree, at your sole cost and expense, to fully defend, indemnify and hold harmless IMC Telecom Inc., shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, causes of action, actions, judgments, liabilities and/or damages (including without limitation reasonable expenses and reasonable attorney's fees) arising out of or in connection with (i) your use of the Services, (ii) your Account (including the use of your Account by a third party) and (iii) this Agreement.

2. Limitation of Liability

Except for damages caused by our intentional misconduct, we will not be liable for damages that exceed the amount of our charges to you for your actual use of the services during the prior one month period. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any direct, special, consequential, incidental, indirect, exemplary or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit or revenues, or increased costs of operation, even if such damages were foreseeable or we have been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages, and no matter how that claim is styled or on what legal grounds it is based (such as contract, tort, statute or otherwise). In addition, under no circumstances will we be liable for damages arising out of or related in any way to your inability to access, or your difficulty in accessing, the Services through toll or local access numbers. As indicated earlier, we are not liable for any toll charges you may incur in using a local access number.

3. No Warranties

We do not make any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation any warranties of title, non-infringement of intellectual property, merchantability, technical compatibility or fitness for a particular purpose with regard to any service, products or material provided pursuant to this agreement and on this website. IMC Telecom Inc. shall endeavor to provide the Services with minimum disruptions. However, IMC Telecom Inc. does not make any express warranty regarding the Services and disclaims any implied warranty, including any warranty of merchantability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose. IMC Telecom Inc. cannot guarantee that the Services will always function without disruptions, delay or other imperfections and IMC Telecom Inc. may choose not to provide service to countries or calling areas at its sole discretion.

Since the Services will be transmitted e.g. through public Internet lines and the public switched telephone network, you acknowledge that there may be power outages or Internet service disruption and you may experience some disruptions in the Services, e.g. packet loss and delay.

IMC Telecom Inc. will not be liable for such disruption, delays, interception or other omissions in the Services.

F. Miscellaneous

1. Agents and Resellers

No agent or reseller is permitted to sell the Services in any manner unless it has been specifically authorized in writing by IMC Telecom Inc. If you are contacted by an agent, you should contact us to confirm whether the agent has the proper authorization.

2. Acts Beyond Our Control

Except for your obligation to pay for the Services, neither of us is liable to the other for any delay, failure in performance, loss or damage due to causes beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, fire, strikes, explosions, power failure, earthquake, flood, water, labor disputes, terrorism, acts or omissions of carriers or suppliers, systems failure and acts of regulatory or governmental agencies. This shall not relieve you for paying for Services you have used.

3. Trademarks

All corporate names, service marks, logos, trade names, trademarks, websites and domain names of IMC Telecom Inc., including but not limited to, Rinboo and IMC Telecom Inc. (collectively, "Marks") are and shall remain the exclusive property of IMC Telecom Inc. and nothing in this Agreement shall grant you the license to use such Marks without our prior written permission.

4. Information

Other than personally identifiable information, which is subject to this Website's Privacy Policy, any material, messages, ideas, suggestions, or other communications (collectively, "Information") you transmit to us in any manner shall be and remain the exclusive property of IMC Telecom Inc. Your submission of any Information shall constitute an assignment to IMC Telecom Inc., of all worldwide rights, titles and interests in all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Information. We will be entitled to use, reproduce, disclose, publish and distribute any Information you submit for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction and without compensating you in any way. For this reason, we ask that you do not send us any Information that you do not wish to assign to us, including any confidential information or any original creative materials such as stories, product ideas, computer code or original artwork.

5. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement will continue in full force and effect.

6. Integration - Entire Agreement

This Agreement, together with any written amendments or written modifications, will constitute the entire agreement between you and IMC Telecom Inc. with respect to the Services provided hereunder and will supersede and replace all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, written, electronic or oral, between you and IMC Telecom Inc. No written or oral statement, advertisement or Services description not expressly contained in the Agreement will be allowed to contradict, explain, modify or supplement it. You acknowledge and agree that you are not relying on any representation or statement by IMC Telecom Inc. that is not included in this Agreement.

7. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. You agree, in the event any claim or suit is brought in connection with this Agreement, to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Juno Beach, Florida. In any action to enforce this Agreement, including, without limitation, any action by IMC Telecom Inc. for the recovery of fees due hereunder, you shall pay IMC Telecom Inc. reasonable attorney's fees and costs in connection with such action. You acknowledge and agree that this governing law provision applies no matter where you reside, or where you use or pay for the Services.

8. Testimonials

With respect to your submission of feedback or a testimonial or opinion about the Services to IMC Telecom Inc., you hereby (i) represent and warrant that the Testimonial is original to you, that no other party has any rights thereto, and (ii) grant us a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and fully transferable, assignable and sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, display, translate, summarize, modify and adapt such Testimonial (in whole or part) and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, in our sole discretion, with or without your name.

9. Notices

All notices from us to you shall be (i) sent to your current email address on file with us and will be deemed immediately delivered even if such email address is no longer valid, or (ii) posted to your Account. All notices from you shall be sent to support@rinboo.com

G. Services Definition

This Services Definition is subject to and a part of the IMC Telecom Inc. Customer Services Agreement (the "Agreement"), and may be changed and/or discontinued at any time by IMC Telecom Inc. In order to use the Services described below, you must be enrolled as a Rinboo customer. Please see the Agreement on our website at http://www.rinboo.com for enrollment information and further details concerning the Services.

1. Description and Availability of Services

The Services provides the simplest way to connect, regardless of the phone, tablet or computer you use, and with or without internet connection. With Rinboo, you will always get low-cost and high quality international calls to your friends and family. With your Rinboo account, you can make international calls from any country to any country in the World, free calls (between Rinboo users), send SMS, top-up your friends' mobile number and much more. In addition, you will be served by our customer care agents that will listen and respond to your needs, problems, requests and desires.

2. Use of the Services

You may only use the Services subject to your compliance with these Terms of Service.

3. Internet Phone

The Services require Equipment, or software obtained through IMC Telecom Inc. or a third party, that allows you to place and receive calls by using your high-speed Internet connection. IMC Telecom Inc. does not provide or support your high-speed Internet connection, which you need to supply at your own expense. We recommend that your high-speed connection have a capacity of at least 512 Kbps upstream and downstream.

Since the Services depend on your high-speed connection, the correct configuration of the Equipment, and an adequate power supply, IMC Telecom Inc. does not guarantee continuous availability. You acknowledge and understand that the Services will not function in the absence of electrical power or if there is an interruption of your high-speed Internet connection. A power failure may require you to reset or reconfigure your Equipment or other equipment in order to restore the Services.

You understand and acknowledge that the Services may not be compatible with all non-voice communications equipment, including but not limited to, home security systems, medical monitoring equipment, fax machines, satellite television systems, and computer modems. You waive any claim against IMC Telecom Inc. for interference or disruption of such Services and equipment.

4. Free Test Calls

Free test calls are provided at the discretion of IMC Telecom Inc. and can be withdrawn at any time.

If a call has been previously made from a telephone or account registered on our website no free credit will be given.

Destinations included in the free test call promotion will be totally at the discretion of IMC Telecom Inc. Not all destinations will be included in the promotion and can change at any time without notice.

5. VoIP Services

IMC Telecom Inc. provides you with the possibility to use international calling services, SMS services and other electronic communication services as provided by IMC Telecom Inc. from time to time (the "Services"), on the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Service. The calling Services are available from smartphone, landline or feature phone. By use of the VoIP Services you may make international calls by creating virtual local landline numbers in the country of origin and the destination and routing the international part of the call over the internet.

6. Usernames and Passwords

In order to use the Services, you are required to register as a user with Rinboo. You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information in all fields indicated as mandatory when registering for the Services, as well as any additional information provided or any amendments made by you. Subject to such registration you will receive access to your Rinboo account (the "Account").

7. Payment, Rates and Accounts

a. Payment

In order to purchase credits for the VoIP Services, airtime value for transfer by use of the Mobile Top Up Services or to charge your Account you shall pay IMC Telecom Inc., the rates as stated on the Website, or the App as applicable depending on the type of Services that you use, by use of such payment methods as set forth on the website or in the App, e.g. by connecting a credit card to your Account. Payments are either made manually by you or through the automatic recharge function activated by you. The automatic recharge function means that when your Account balance is below a certain level, your Account will be automatically recharged with a certain pre-selected amount.

IMC Telecom Inc. has the right to charge you for the use of the Mobile Top Up Services. Such service fee will not be communicated to you as a separate item, but will be included in the amount that will be debited your credit card as set forth in these Terms of Service.

b. Rates and VAT

  • For the applicable rates and charges for the Services please click here: http://www.rinboo.com/en/rates
  • We do not charge any connection fees.
  • Billing Increment: One minute. Fractions of a minute are rounded up to the next whole minute.

IMC Telecom Inc. reserves the right to change the rates at any time without notice. If you do not wish to accept such adjustment of rates, you are entitled to terminate the Account with effect from the date on which the adjustment of rates would become effective. You agree that by continuing to use the VoIP Services, following the adjustments of the rates, you accept such adjustments.

Unless stated otherwise, all rates and charges for the VoIP Services shall be stated in US dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Indian Rupee (INR) or Bangladeshi Taka (BDT); and shall be exclusive of value added taxes (VAT) or any other applicable taxes or fees. If you are resident of Florida and have a billing address of your credit card in Florida, you may be charged the applicable sales tax for the said jurisdiction. This will be taken into account upon your purchase of prepaid amount in your account.

c. Calling Plans

You will be able to purchase calling plans - also known as special deals or special offers, which results in a specific amount of minutes for a defined monetary value. Please note that a calling plan will let you call a specific country or set of countries as precised in the plan's description on the Website.

Please be aware that calling plans may expire within 3, 7, 15 or 30 days depending on the specific plan’s billing cycle, and this, from the date and time of the order's authorization. Whereas the remaining minutes will not be carried over to the next afore mentioned billing cycle.
Noting that you have the possibility to purchase the same calling plan more than once, or even different calling plans in the same order.

In the case when the same calling plan is purchased more than once in the same order, the respective minutes of each calling plan will be added, to result in an amount of minutes equal to the sum of every individual calling plan. Please note that the calling plan start date and time are the same as the order's ones.

On the other hand, if a same calling plan is purchased multiple times, each individual time in different orders, the minutes will not sum up, and each calling plan's start date and time will inherit from its specific related order.

In order for you to be able to make calls through Rinboo, you must fulfill one of the following requirements:

1. Have at least one valid calling plan with remaining balance.
2. Have a pay as you go credit, with a remaining balance greater than the cost of the dialed destination.
3. In case you have both products, calling plan and pay as you go, once you reach your calling plan limit, you will be using your pay as you go balance.

Please note that:

1. Calling Plans are not subject to refunds.
2. Calling plans cannot be transferred to other users.
3. Calling Plan's minutes are non-transferable between users.

d. Roaming charges

You will also pay any additional charges you incur if you connect to the Services through a phone number provided by IMC Telecom Inc. while you are in a country that is not the country associated with your fixed net or mobile phone Provider ("Roaming Charges"). Roaming Charges are charged in addition to any charges you may incur when connecting to the Services from another country.

e. Refund

You may request for a refund by submitting a written request in English to Rinboo's customer service at support@rinboo.com. Refund requests carried out through other means shall not be eligible for the refund. For the avoidance of doubt, no refunds shall be given for Services paid or credit acquired through vouchers, gift tokens or similar. IMC Telecom Inc. reserves the right to deny repetitive refund requests. Any abuse by you of the terms relating to refunds hereunder shall lead to the termination of this Agreement. All payments older than 90 days are non-refundable. You can send your request to support@rinboo.com so that our agents evaluate your case.

Our 30-day money back guarantee gives you time to make sure you're satisfied with our services. If you are not satisfied with our quality of service, we'll happily provide you with refund on the concerned order.

f. Circumstances of No Refund

IMC Telecom Inc. generally does not refund your services and products in the following situations:

a. If the services and/or products fail to meet your needs due to your lack of understanding of the products functions and capabilities.
b. A refund request for part of an order, since we cooperates with third parties payment platforms, which do not support partial refunds within an order.
c. If you have a 'change of mind' after completing a purchase.
d. Due to technical trouble, if you refuse to cooperate with the support team in attempts at troubleshooting by declining to provide detailed descriptions and information regarding the problem, or refusing to try to apply the solutions provided by the support team.
e. A refund request for technical problems after the software has been updated, if the order exceeds 30 days.
f. Any refund request for a Calling Plan, when the latter is purchased, as part or as a whole of an accepted purchase.

g. Account and receipt

IMC Telecom Inc. may provide an account history on the website that includes information about your Account activity, payments, calling history during a limited period, and your current Account balance ("Account History"), which may change from time to time, and an e-mail receipt upon pre-payment for the Services. The Account History is the only statement of your Account that IMC Telecom Inc. will provide to you. IMC Telecom Inc. will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct any technical failures relating to the Account History within a reasonable time. However, your inability to view the Account History does not extend, or relieve you of, your obligation to pay any amounts owing to IMC Telecom Inc.

You will have confidential access to your usage information on the Website under "My Account" 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

h. Accounting errors

If you believe that IMC Telecom Inc. has charged your Account in error, you must submit a written request in English for refund by contacting Rinboo's customer service via support@rinboo.com within 90 days after the date the error first appears on your Account History or within 120 days after the error occurred, whichever is earlier.

  1. Usage Conditions

    The following conditions are specific to the Services:

    • In order to use the Services, your Rinboo account (your "Account") must have a sufficient balance to cover the cost of the Services.
    • As you use the Services, your Account will be debited accordingly.
    • Calls in progress will be terminated if your Account balance is insufficient to cover the cost of continuing the call.

  2. Prepayments

    The following conditions will govern prepayments you make to your Account balance:

    You may refill your Account balance at any time by accessing "My Account" at our website (http://www.rinboo.com/en/customer/account/) or access our "Buy Credit" page (http://www.rinboo.com/en/products).

    Any prepayment will be charged to the credit, debit or charge card that you listed in your application for enrollment as a Rinboo customer. We will provide you with an e-mail confirmation each time you make a prepayment that is credited to your Account balance.

    Prepayments must be made in certain dollar denominations, with a minimum of $5.00.

  3. Billing Disputes

    You must notify us by e-mail at support@rinboo.com of any disputed charges within thirty (30) days of the charge being posted to your Account. To the extent we determine that an adjustment is warranted, we will credit your Account accordingly.

    IMC Telecom Inc. will not be liable for the liabilities whatsoever resulting due to registration of hotel/hostel/public/office phone numbers or otherwise any claims by you or third parties. See our Limitation of Liability in Section E of the Agreement.

8. Cancellation

We will provide the Services to you until one or more of the following events occur:

  • You choose to close your Account by notifying us by e-mail at support@rinboo.com. We will then shut down the access to your account. You will not be entitled to any refund of the unused balance in your Account as of the date you terminate your Account.
  • Your Account balance is depleted and you do not replenish your Account balance.
  • We suspend or terminate your Account or your ability to replenish your Account.
  • We discontinue the Services, in which case we will refund the unused balance in your Account to you.

9. Customer Service

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about our Services, you may contact our customer service center by e-mail at support@rinboo.com. Our customer service center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

10. Mobile Top Up Services

1. Top Up Terms And Conditions
IMC Telecom Inc. provides you with the possibility to transfer pre-paid airtime value to a pre-paid mobile phone subscription account by use of your Rinboo Account accessed through the App ("Mobile Top Up"), on the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Service.

You will be able to purchase Mobile Top Up for transfer, in such denominations and amounts as are displayed in the user interface (from time to time), for transfer to end users with those mobile network operators and within such countries as are displayed (from time to time) in the website. There may also be maximum thresholds for the aggregate value that you may transfer at any given point in time. All values available for Mobile Top Up are stated VAT inclusive (if applicable) and inclusive of IMC Telecom Inc.’s service charges.

The value that you purchase for Mobile Top Up will be debited from your Account balance if you have enough balance there, of from the credit card that you have connected to your Rinboo Account. You are responsible for all transactions performed by use of your Rinboo Account. By completing the Mobile Top Up as set forth, you authorize us to transfer the value as ordered by you, to the mobile telephone number (the "MSISDN") that you have identified. IMC Telecom Inc. will upon receipt of your order for Mobile Top Up make a reservation corresponding to the cost of the value and the transfer service to your credit card, and will upon successful completion of the Mobile Top Up, debit such cost to your credit card. Funds received by IMC Telecom Inc. for Mobile Top Up do not constitute funds held on account for the user. IMC Telecom Inc. will commingle the funds with its own funds.

Once the Mobile Top Up has been successfully completed, which will be notified to you, the value transferred cannot be refunded or removed from the receiving MSISDN. Please note that IMC Telecom Inc. does not assume any liability should you send Mobile Top Up to the wrong MSISDN.

2. Non-completed Transactions
Should a Mobile Top Up transaction not be successfully completed, IMC Telecom Inc. will notify you. A transaction can either (i) fail, meaning that the reservation of the charges to your credit card will be released, or (ii) be pending, meaning that the transaction is in progress (which may continue up to 1 hour) during which time the charge will remain reserved against your credit card, but not yet been debited (and no Mobile Top Up value will reach the receiver MSISDN).

Should it come to your knowledge that a Mobile Top Up initiated by you, the cost for which has been charged to your credit card, has not reached the MSISDN identified by you, you shall notify IMC Telecom Inc. within reasonable time and provide IMC Telecom Inc. with underlying documentation evidencing the cost which was debited your credit card, and identifying the MSISDN to which your ordered the Mobile Top Up. IMC Telecom Inc. reserves the right to charge you any costs which IMC Telecom Inc. may have for crediting value to your credit card, if Mobile Top Up has not been successfully completed and such failure has been caused by you.

3. Top Up Rates and Charges
The rates and any surcharges for Top Up are subject to change without any prior notice.

4. Fraud / Misuse
The Mobile Top Up services are intended for residential, non-commercial use ("Normal Non-Commercial Use"). IMC Telecom Inc. will have the right to close customer accounts and bill for Services used if a fraudulently obtained credit is redeemed and/or used on this Website. Purchases made by customers that IMC Telecom Inc. deems in its sole discretion to be abuses or misuses of the Top Up program are non-refundable.

H. Term and Changes to This Agreement

1. Entire Agreement
These Terms of Service represent the entire agreement between you and us and supersedes all prior offers, contracts, agreements and representations. The Terms of Service supersede all promises made to you by our client services agents, representatives or employees. If any part of the Terms of Service is found invalid, the balance remains enforceable.

2. Changes to the Agreement
The terms of this agreement shall come into effect immediately upon appearing on the Rinboo website, as indicated by the time-stamp at the bottom of this page. IMC Telecom Inc. may terminate this agreement at any time for any breach of these terms or any applicable policy as posted on the Rinboo website. No reimbursement for any fees charged in connection with IMC Telecom Inc.’s Services shall be issued for such a termination.

Any provision of this agreement relating to term, payment, liability, indemnification, governing law, or confidentiality shall survive termination or expiration.

I. Notices

IMC Telecom Inc. primarily communicates with users of the Services via email. Email from IMC Telecom Inc. or Rinboo is used to communicate important information about the Services, including billing and changes to the Services, much of which is time-sensitive. IMC Telecom Inc. reserves the right to withdraw any service offered by the company immediately without prior warning or notice. You acknowledge that email from IMC Telecom Inc. constitutes official notice from IMC Telecom Inc. and that you are required to read in a timely manner all email messages sent to the email address specified by you at the time of registration for the Services in order to avoid any potential disruption of the Services. You also acknowledge that you are responsible for notifying IMC Telecom Inc. or Rinboo of any changes in your email address, by sending an email to support@rinboo.com

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