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Make the cheapest phone calls to any country using your mobile!

Rinboo Mobile Calling service allows you to make Free Calls to other Rinboo users and cheap calls to everyone else. Connect with WiFi, 3G or use your local minutes to make international calls using Rinboo.

Rinboo for your smart or feature phone is free to download and easy to use - it's just like your normal phone but with Free Calls and super cheap International rates. Reduce the cost of your international calls by up to 98%. Rinboo mobile applications lets you call and text on the move at an ultra-low international rates.

How to Use

Call or Text Your Friends

Log in to the application and make easy and cheap international calls.


Free Rinboo to Rinboo calls (Call other Rinboo app users for free).

You don’t need a phone line.

Premium call quality (Crystal clear voice quality).

Call from your mobile to landlines, PCs and other mobiles!

Call using Wi-Fi, 3G or your local minutes.

It's so simple to get started – All you need is the app and your Rinboo account!

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