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Make the cheapest phone calls to any country using your computer!

Turn your computer into a phone with the Rinboo PC application! There are no user names or contact lists to mess with, all you need is a high-speed internet connection and you can call anyone world-wide with a phone number.

Setting up your account for Computer Calling is incredibly quick and easy. Download Rinboo PC application, install it in seconds and log in using your primary phone number and your PIN. Your Rinboo contact list will be pre-loaded in the download app immediately. Rinboo PC application allows you also to import your Google and Facebook contact lists, so you can immediately call your friends and enjoy savings with Rinboo.

Rinboo Computer Calling service allows you to make PC to Mobile calls and PC to Landline calls all for a fraction of the usual cost. You can also call your Rinboo contacts for free anywhere in the world!

How to Use

Check your MIC & Internet

Make sure your computer has a MIC and is connected to internet.

Call Your Friends

Log in to the application and make easy and cheap international calls.


Free Rinboo to Rinboo calls.

You don’t need a phone line.

Cheap calls to mobiles and landlines.

Cheap SMS to mobiles.

Premium call quality.

Quick and easy one-click calling through your PC, without any connection fees!

Call from your PC to mobiles, landlines and other PCs!

It's so simple to get started – All you need is the app and your Rinboo account!

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